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Penny Nisbet MCSP RCST :: Chartered Physiotherapist | Registered Craniosacral Therapist

Testimonial 1

Testimonial from Dr David Mason Brown (

In the early 70s, I was involved in an accident on the M1. There was no 70mph speed limit in those days, and I was travelling at 85mph in a Northerly direction in the vicinity of 2 other cars travelling in the same direction.

A car travelling South apparently suffered a burst tyre and crossed the central (grass) reservation and headed towards me. (no crash barriers!)

I had to take rapid evasive action along with the two other cars, and all three vehicles left the motorway. My car flew through the air and landed in a field with the force of the impact going up through my spine.

My car was a Rover 80 with a very solid chassis and ploughed up the field. The police dug me out and I was able to continue my journey. The other two drivers appeared to be a lot more shaken and their cars were write-offs!

The next day I was hit with severe pain and was unable to move. For years I suffered lower spine and sciatica problems, with pelvic stiffness and problems with my neck. I wore a neck collar for months after the accident.

Penny says:

“I found some problems with spinal and pelvic alignment and also a degree of soft tissue adaptation - painful tightness in the muscles and skin - to which I applied a range of soft tissue release techniques with good results.”

David says:

The following quotes are taken from my messages to Penny following my treatment sessions:      

"Thank you so much for yesterday. It was fascinating to feel the instant you warned, I have had a major detox. (def: the removal of toxic substances from the body).
Today I am much more mobile. I will be able to do yoga after all!
By the way I found carrying my heavy case much easier!"

"Thank you for yesterday. That so much could be done so quickly was a revelation!  I walked down town this morning and my whole hips and pelvis moved easily and rotated as I walked.  Also the stoop seems to have gone!"

"Thank you very much for the marvellous session on Monday. As well as the increased mobility, I had a major detox over the next two days.....however on Thursday I was functioning very much in the flow state. (Client's explanation of flow state: “to be totally absorbed in what you are doing and to enjoy it so much that you do not want to do anything else”)"

"I am definitely clearing some remaining blocks ( def: the body can develop blockages or barriers to the free flow of its natural energy in response to stress or injury)."

"I walked a lot on my holiday and thanks to you I had so much more mobility of my lower spine and pelvis. My wife remarked on how much better I appeared – my walking looked much more fluid."

"My back has been so much more mobile"

"The Craniosacral Therapy session was amazing! I was aware of being in a very relaxed state……………………..I felt energy flowing……….things shifting, especially in the upper cervical spine and occipital areas."

"I want to describe the experience of detox I had……………I feel as though I have had an abcess where the ‘core’ has remained and it has been hard to understand why I am not better. I was aware of the feeling of fierce anger several times, and each time it was just allowed to go"

Thank you so much.

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